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34 years of Experience

in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
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Taha Pharmacy’s innovative approach to a lifestyle maintenance is what sets them apart over the last 3 decades with each passing milestone, the brand expands itself and continuously improves its service offering.

Till date, Taha Pharmacy is open to new ideas and constantly looks at improving services to intensify the feeling of well being.

Our Pharmacy educate the patients about dosage, drug side effects etc. We use efficient medicine stacking and inventory management system to serve you faster and with the right medicines. Medicines that need to be stored under lower temperatures are stored under refrigeration so that the efficacy and potency of the drugs do not deteriorate.

Our range covers categories such as pharmacy and healthcare, skincare, hair care, cosmetics, beauty, cosmetics, supplements, personal care and more. We take pride in carefully assessing and selecting the best available brands in the world to cater to our customer needs.